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  • Apprentices Confirm Future Print Strategy

    Feedback from the recent Future Print Apprentice Forum in Melbourne has confirmed the project's strategy and direction. Printing Industries CEO Bill Healey said the aim of the federally-funded Future Print Apprenticeship Project had always been to design a sustainable form of vocational training for the industry and . . .
  • Future Print businesses urged to benchmark now

    If you are one of the 260 businesses registered for the Future Print Transformation Program – or if you’ve been thinking of joining but have not yet registered – now is the perfect time to....
  • Vale Del Pugh – QLM Label Makers

    Former LATMA president and founder of Queensland’s QLM Label Makers, Del Pugh, has passed away at her home in Brisbane aged 82 . . .


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10/07/2015 2015 PICA WA Call for Entries now open
4:00pm - 10/07/2015
15/07/2015 Services to cut your energy costs - webinar
1:00pm - 15/07/2015
21/07/2015 Ideas to stimulate your print business - Perth
8:00am - 21/07/2015
22/07/2015 NSW Golf - Stonecutters Ridge
10:30am - 22/07/2015
22/07/2015 Adobe Creative Cloud, services and mobile apps
1:00pm - 22/07/2015
04/08/2015 Ideas to stimulate your print business - Adelaide
8:00am - 04/08/2015
05/08/2015 Membership Overview Webinar
1:00pm - 05/08/2015
08/08/2015 The Graphic Arts Golf Society of SA
11:00am - 08/08/2015
20/08/2015 QLD LIA Golf
11:30am - 20/08/2015
20/08/2015 NSW Golf - Ryde Parramatta
10:30am - 20/08/2015
25/08/2015 Ideas to stimulate your print business - Brisbane
8:00am - 25/08/2015
26/08/2015 Updates for InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop webinar
1:00pm - 26/08/2015