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Latest News

  • WA turns on an energy charged PICA

    Themed around the digital virtual world of Tron, Western Australia’s PICA was an energy charged event from motorbikes and beams of energy reverberating around Perth’s Hyatt Hotel to the rivalries between major medal contenders.
  • Tasmania's new Dieman Awards hit the spot

    Tasmania's new Diemen Awards – (formerly PiCA’s) featured the presentation of more than 50 awards combined with individual awards for Print Apprentice of the Year, Digital Student of the Year and Design Student of the Year. . .
  • Queensland PICA breaks new ground

    Reconstructed around the theme “into the new . . .” Queensland’s new look PICA broke new ground with a 60 per cent increase in attendees over 2013 and a 40 per cent increase in entries which topped out at 309.
  • Future Print Projects Ahead of Target

    Future Print is ahead of target on both its projects, virtually 100% sign-up achieved from participating businesses who attended the initial Business Transformation Project’s ‘Business Briefings’ and apprentice numbers continuing to steadily rise month by month . . .
  • Value of Paper and Print campaign launched today

    Printing Industries CEO Bill Healey says the Value of Paper and Print campaign (VoPP), launched today with the release of The Industry Report 2014, provided a landmark resource to benefit every printing company in the country.
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What's On

05/11/2014 Making money out of waste webinar
1:00pm - 05/11/2014
11/11/2014 PINGS - NSW - NSW Golf Club
11:00am - 11/11/2014
12/11/2014 Printing Industries Golfing Society (Vic)
11:30am - 12/11/2014
12/11/2014 Sustainable Green Print Webinar
1:00pm - 12/11/2014
13/11/2014 The Graphic Arts Golf Society of SA
12:30pm - 13/11/2014
19/11/2014 First Aid Training
9:00am - 19/11/2014