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Latest News

  • Business and Union Alliance to oppose changes to mail delivery

    An alliance of business groups and unions has been formed to oppose changes to Australia Post’s Community Service Obligations and to have the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) oversight over bulk mail price increases restored . . .
  • Vale Peter Macdougall AM

    Former Printing Industries’ National Councillor, Peter Macdougall AM, has passed away aged 89. Mr Macdougall joined the printing industry in 1946 on his return....
  • Future Print Set to Help Businesses Transform

    Businesses across the print and graphic communications sector are facing unprecedented challenges. Now, Future Print has launched the Business Transformation project to help businesses successfully transition to meet the market of the future....

What's On

11/09/2014 PINGS - NSW - Concord
11:00am - 11/09/2014
17/09/2014 Mental Illness - dealing with the “elephant” in your workplace
12:00pm - 17/09/2014
23/09/2014 How to Manage Your WHS Responsibilities - EML Briefing
9:30am - 23/09/2014
24/09/2014 Future Print Business Transformation Workshop Melbourne
8:30am - 24/09/2014
24/09/2014 What's new in Photoshop and Illustrator
1:00pm - 24/09/2014
24/09/2014 Mental Illness - dealing with the 'elephant' in your workplace
4:00pm - 24/09/2014