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  • Emma Freedman to Host NPA

    Popular television presenter Emma Freedman will co-host this year’s Media Super National Print Awards Presentation Dinner at Waterview in Bicentennial Park on Friday 15 May . . .
  • Future Print National Apprentice Forum Success

    A group of Future Print apprentices from around the country gathered in Melbourne recently to share perceptions and observations of their training and their experiences working in the print and graphic communications sector. . . .


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27/05/2015 New Features in Adobe Acrobat Webinar
1:00pm - 27/05/2015
29/05/2015 The Graphic Arts Golf Society of SA
12:30pm - 29/05/2015
18/06/2015 QLD LIA Golf
11:00am - 18/06/2015
24/06/2015 Create websites without code webinar
1:00pm - 24/06/2015
26/06/2015 The Graphic Arts Golf Society of SA
12:30pm - 26/06/2015