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Latest News

  • PrintEx15 Continues to Grow

    The list of reasons to plan your trip to PrintEx15 continues to grow. Several more major industry names have confirmed their participation, while an increasing number of smaller exhibitors are set to....
  • Online tender service a new Better Business partner

    Printing Industries has added a new Better Business partner to its stable of member services, Cordell TendersOnline a premier web-based service which allows users to access private and government tender information, often before it is publicised . . .
  • Business Transformation workshops get industry approval

    The first round of the Future Print Business Transformation project workshops has kicked into high gear over the past few weeks, with feedback from the initial group of participants indicating that the value of the project is already more than evident to them . . .
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What's On

05/11/2014 Making money out of waste webinar
1:00pm - 05/11/2014
19/11/2014 First Aid Training
9:00am - 19/11/2014
19/11/2014 Print Estimating and Planning Course
9:00am - 19/11/2014
19/11/2014 Sustainable Green Print Webinar
1:00pm - 19/11/2014
25/11/2014 Sydney Value of Print and Paper roadshow starts in a few days
8:30am - 25/11/2014
26/11/2014 Victoria Value of Print and Paper roadshow starts in a few days
8:30am - 26/11/2014