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Latest News

  • Value of Paper and Print campaign launched today

    Printing Industries CEO Bill Healey says the Value of Paper and Print campaign (VoPP), launched today with the release of The Industry Report 2014, provided a landmark resource to benefit every printing company in the country.
  • Future Print Reaches 200th apprentice Milestone

    Future Print has today reached another milestone with the 200th apprentice signing up under the new competency-based training model introduced last year. The achievement comes just a few days after a highly successful meeting of more than....
  • Future Print Summit Success

    It was standing room only as more than 60 people gathered at Sydney Airport for the very first Future Print Summit on Tuesday 16 September....
  • Business and Union Alliance to oppose changes to mail delivery

    An alliance of business groups and unions has been formed to oppose changes to Australia Post’s Community Service Obligations and to have the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) oversight over bulk mail price increases restored . . .

What's On

15/10/2014 Future Print Business Transformation Workshop Perth
8:30am - 15/10/2014
15/10/2014 Gain Value from Waste Webinar
1:00pm - 15/10/2014
15/10/2014 QLD Standing Committee Meeting
2:00pm - 15/10/2014
22/10/2014 InDesign, DPS and Acrobat Webinar
1:00pm - 22/10/2014
24/10/2014 PINGS - NSW - Twin Creeks
11:00am - 24/10/2014
25/10/2014 PICA Western Australia
6:00pm - 25/10/2014