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Latest News

  • New-look industry survey open to all

    Printing Industries is calling for wide industry participation in a new Trends Survey that will provide bi-annual feedback on industry performance....
  • Printing Industries releases Web2Print guide

    A comprehensive guide to Web2Print (W2P) has been released by the Printing Industries Association of Australia. The 58-page report is the first in a series of specialist reports the Association is producing . . .
  • Lindsay Yates Group Transforming with Future Print

    There has probably never been a more ambitious and wide-ranging project launched in the Australian graphic communications industry than the Future Print Business Transformation Project, and it’s clear that . . .
  • Does YOUR Business Measure Up?

    It’s one of the questions you ask yourself in the wee small hours – ‘Does my business measure up?’ Now, there’s a way to find out....
  • Deadline Extended for National Print Awards

    The people have spoken! Feedback from print lovers and revolutionaries about the tight deadline for the 32nd National Print Awards has been heard, giving those who have heard the call to enter until Friday 30 January to get their best work in for the Awards . . .

What's On

10/02/2015 Future Print Transformation Leadership Briefing Sydney
8:30am - 10/02/2015
12/02/2015 Future Print Transformation Leadership Briefing Perth
8:30am - 12/02/2015
13/02/2015 Future Print Transformation Leadership Briefing Adelaide
8:30am - 13/02/2015
10/03/2015 NSW Golf - Bankstown
11:00am - 10/03/2015